Westminster attacks: Reason to be fearful?

Image result for westminster attackIn the aftermath of Britain’s worst Terror attack since 2005, should we be fearful of the new wave of international terrorism. And how will it effect our lives?

On March 22nd 2017 England stood still, hoping and praying that what was unfolding on the news wasn’t too serious. Unfortunately, to a certain extent this was not what occurred as confirmations of deaths, including the police officer Kieth Palmer, started to amount. The attacker had driven into crowds, injuring dozens and killing almost 5 bystanders on Westminster Bridge.

However, Britain stood strong. Unified, Teresa May vowed to safeguard our democratic principals and London’s Mayor promised we would not be “cowed” by terrorism. But should we be afraid? Surely we have every reason to be, given the landscape of international terrorism we now live in. Examples are sadly numerous, from Spain in 2004 when trains were stuck with bombs, killing 192, to Nice just last year when a truck drove into crowds on Bastille Day, resulting in 86 deaths. Open borders and radicalisation have culminated in a much changed Europe, and maybe if leaders had seen the future of Europe they would not have signed the Shengen Agreement (agreement that allows free movement of people in Europe without passports) in 1985.

There are reasons to be fearful then, as shown by the rise in international terrorism, so why should be believe Teresa May’s promise that the terrorists will not win? Firstly, this was an isolated incident, with it being suggested that Khalid Masood acted alone. Britain’s security services have prevented 12 such attacks in recent years also, suggesting we are in safe hands. But the fact that an attack of the same nature could so easily occur, with anyone being able to perform such an
atrocity from behind the wheel, is it not frightening to think that this could so easily happen again?

Image result for keep calm and carry on
Unfortunately there is no simple solution. Opinions are polarised, with some going so far to suggest that Brexit should involve the deportation of all Muslims. This is not a obvious and viable solution, and it is important that The Worldview readers see through such bigotry claims and form their own opinion. Think for yourself what should be done. But what is the solution? Our security services are working around the clock to prevent such attacks, but can we avoid them? In this day-and-age is it an evil of the world we just have to put up with? There are many questions but not many answers. The best option is just to ‘keep calm and carry on’, for that is the British way after all.


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